As our name suggests, weaving is at the very heart of who we are and everything we do.  We’re proud to have a rich family heritage weaving quality jacquard fabrics in Ireland for over 60 years.  Combining warp with weft we weave fabrics that feature the latest yarns, contemporary designs and modern production technologies, while retaining the historical traditions of skilled craftsmanship, creativity and quality.

Here we feature some of our more recent collections, including luxurious semi-plains and co-ordinating jacquard patterns allowing you to mix and match colours, textures and designs to create a distinctive look and feel that is unique to your own home.

  • Baroque Collection

    Baroque Collection

  • Gatsby Collection

    Gatsby Collection

  • Apollo Collection

    Apollo Collection

  • Manor House Collection

    Manor House Collection

  • Jester Collection

    Jester Collection

  • Montana Collection

    Montana Collection